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Model Home, Vacant Staging Living Room, Magnolia Shores. MA

Interior Design Services

“Designing a home should be a fun and exciting experience for your homeowner……it is my job to take on the details that would normally overwhelm them by creating a system that allows you to keep the project moving.  A faster ROI for your homes can be achieved when you plan out the details so your client can stay focused and make decisions.”





The priorities are multi-fold in the new construction/renovation process for Developers and builders.


First, we strive to provide finish selections, specifications, flat lays, mood board and rendering packages that allow you to successfully communicate design options to prospective homeowners.


These tools gives your prospective clients the ability to envision themselves in their home before construction completion.  Used as marketing tools by your real estate professional this creates the best path to quickly see your ROI.

Second, our process and system, allows you to do your magic in a more efficient, timely and effective manner.  When your spec homes and model homes are

pre-planned,  procurement of finish selections become more seamless.  For your discerning homeowner we offer semi-custom packages.


Third, while partnering with you on selections to meet timelines, if you are incorporating a model home or staging a vacant home we manage the process from selections and space planning to furnishings installation to match your vision for your new community, spec home or real estate listing.


Feeling overwhelmed by a new build project or renovation is a common concern.  As a real estate professional or builder, the decisions can impact your marketing and ROI when the colors do not line up with the look, feel or vision you had in mind.  Color Consultations offer you the professional expertise when planning or marketing your next property.

As a homeowner, this is a big investment investment and costly if you do not make the right selections up front.  Your builder is looking for decisions to keep your project on track and get you into your new or renovated home.  Make color decisions confidently ensuring the vision you have for your new home comes to life.

Color Consultations will give you confidence in selecting your exterior and interior paint, ensuring their is flow and harmony though your homes spaces.




For the Homeowner we believe that creating the home of your dreams should be stress free. Be it new additions, kitchen/baths, reworking flow in your spaces or a room refresh,  we strive to save you time and money.  We work best collaborating on ideas while providing design guidance and unique quality sources to bring your vision to life. Our goal is creating a look that reflects you and your current lifestyle.

We specialize  with homeowners who are in the empty nest process. New found freedoms create opportunity to reinvent your space or home. Whether you are downsizing, your son/daughter has moved on or you have purchased a family legacy home we can guide in designing a home or space that integrates your past treasures into present design.

We work from a client focused perspective early on in the process to save you on time and money.


Our Process

“When you breakdown each step of the design process….and make the decision for that step….it adds up to incredible results and beautiful interiors.”


Whether you are a future/current homeowner, property management company or development team the first step is to communicate your design goals for the new project. 

By setting up a phone consultation to discuss your goals and we can determine if we are a good fit to
take your project from vision to reality.


As a consultant to the homeowner this is where Mary Beth changes the way you experience your home. Researching materials and finishes, designing space plans that supports your lifestyle and editing design we present curated design options and selections that will take you from dream home to reality.   We keep you on track so that the project continues to be an enjoyable process. 


As part of the Developers team, Mary Beth brings her expertise in designing and coordinating the interiors and furnishing selections for the model homes, the common and management areas by designing spaces that supports day to day operations, reflects brand and offers prospective homeowners the opportunity to see a home furnished.

Design for the homeowner, we are there to take you from dream to reality in your home


We take the stress out of the process by handling it all from ordering to installation.  In this stage of the process orders are placed and installations are coordinated to include every detail that will insure a seamless installation.

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